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Well, I guess any disorder I may have can now be chalked up to keyboard use. #thanksobama (at Bash Foo)

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Oh, the rare occasion to see me in a necktie. State of the State today at Club 55 in Troy, OH. (at Bash Foo)

A-1 thumbs up to our web dev team! 10 projects in the hopper at the same time. Oh, and our bloggers are killin’ it this month too! (I have to say that or they will blog nasty things about the boss) (at Bash Foo)

While the March 2013 IAPP Global Privacy Summit just concluded in Washington DC, the breaks made in the past week on the Prism program and less-than FISA approved goverment access to the contents of private email throws a cloak of questions on new FTC Chair Edith Ramirez and her vow for better enforcement of breaches in privacy. Now, is that only on the “public” side where the FTC ordains a need for “control” or should the FTC also guard against the privacy breaches by federal, state and local organizations?

"We haven’t been shy about taking on the tech giants," Ramirez said, referring to the FTC’s 20-year consent decrees with both Google and Facebook. "That has been just tremendous. And that’s all, in my mind, vital and will continue."

Well.. thank you for that.. Keep an eye on Facebook and Google… What about IT service providers? Or network provisioning companies? Or database/archiving companies? Privacy is a non-event on social media in as much as it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) exist. We should care more about those that move data, store data and archive it off.

The answer to the question “are you being surveilled on social media” is unequivocably.. YES! Social media is about the sharing of place, being and text. Feelings, emotions, images, videos, etc. All for public inspection. Sure, other social media platforms do a better job of segmenting this (Google+) to help corral this data, it is no more “secure”, or “protected”.

Now, the bigger question.. Is the federal government using its sweeping authority and ability to scan/review and inspect data packets in transit and in storage to help “fight terrorism”? I would have to say yes. There are no technologies out there that will allow you to pull a Patriot Act request for data out of your back pocket and then gain access to a transitory Skype feed from the middle east (as has been described by the Administration as the “example”) unless that feed is permanently “spliced” into and continually monitored/maintained.

I suggest you keep sharing on Social Media, as long as you understand it is by definition a “sharing” network and privy to the whimsy of a Patriot Act request or “sharing” with federal authorities at any time.

Sally Watson at the Hotel Gallery makes the best coffee mugs. Virginia got this one for me. Now.. If I could ever figure out how not to get so many coffee stains on my desk calendar I’d be set! (at Bash Foo)

Good morning.. Dayton’s finest roasters! You are gonna make this day happen! (at Bash Foo)

No drinky my birra! 9.8% is delicious! (at Goose Island Brewpub)

Thank you @google for @guykawasaki new book, Enchantment, the art of changing hearts, minds and actions. Looking forward to the read! (at Bash Foo)

The flowers from Tipp Florist certainly did not suck. Thank you Angel (at Bash Foo)